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Comedian Miguel Dalmau (an immigrant himself) talks to people who have come to America in pursuit of their dream and how they are maneuvering through these turbulent times.

Apr 8, 2019

After a quick intro, Che sits down with Philadelphia city council at-large candidate Adrian Rivera Reyes. Adrian talks about his incredible run thus far, growing up in Puerto Rico and, if elected, what changes he hopes to bring to Philly.

 Check out more of where Adrian stands on the issues:

Mar 25, 2019

After a quick intro, Che sits down with comedian Eliot Chang. Che and Eliot talk about growing as an artist, how to talk about politics without alienating the audience, the college admissions scandal, how to network and more!

Mar 11, 2019

Che sits down with Philly comic Nichole Spain. Nicole gets candid about her biological mother's history as a victim of human trafficking, being raised by a black female pimp and how she's persevered through it all.

Feb 25, 2019

 After a quick intro, Che sits down with Philadelphia judge candidate Nicola Serianni. Nicola open up about her diverse background, the long road to becoming a judge, the unique ways Philadelphia is dealing with the anxieties brought on by gentrification and more! 


Sirianni For Judge


Feb 11, 2019

Che is once again joined by Philly comedian Setoiyo Ekpo. They discuss Che's Ancestry DNA results, when they first became aware of racism, mediocre white dudes and more!